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In today’s high tech business environment there is no room for error. Any failures may affect your competitive advantage. The Facilities Operations within your business model require reliability that is beyond question.

Because of their computer and HVAC equipment, data-processing centers are among the largest commercial users of electrical energy. While the energy consumed by data-processing equipment is fairly constant year-round, considerable energy savings are possible with an innovative approach to data-center HVAC design.

The entire electrical-kilowatt-power input to computer equipment is converted to heat and discharged into a conditioned space. Most small and medium-size data-processing centers utilize direct-expansion computer-room air conditioners — typically, split-air, water, or glycol-cooled. Large data centers predominantly utilize chilled-water-room units for several reasons, including:

  • Increased efficiency of central chillers
  • Elimination of excessive refrigeration piping and charging
  • Simplified maintenance of the central refrigeration plant
  • Greatly reduced outside-equipment footprint

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