Ice Rink HVAC Energy Saving



Year-round use of these popular sports facilities leaves operators battling condensation on ceilings, fog over the ice surface and soft ice. Requirements for code ventilation air only add to the problem. To create the ideal ice surface conditions and optimum air quality, the dew point must be as close to the ice surface temperature as possible.

The keys to operating a successful ice rink or arena are having it easy and inexpensive to run and maintain. There are many styles of refrigeration systems and each of these systems serve a useful purpose for a particular application and none of them are equally suited for all applications. Careful consideration must be taken to ensure that you get the system that suits your facility. At AAA Energy Service Co., we will work through the options with you to ensure that you are making the best long term solution for your facility.

If you are ready to begin the construction of an ice skating facility in your community and you want to ensure that the design, equipment, and subsequent operation of this facility is the best that it can be, AAA Energy Service Co. will ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in your project by taking advantage of our engineers’ experience.

Whether you’re embarking on an entirely new project or trying to improve the performance of an aging facility, start with AAA Energy Service Co. We incorporate the issues unique to your facility into our service delivery process. With us, you’ll gain the advantage of more than 60 years of leadership in building systems and building services. We can put our solutions to work for you – helping you cut costs, making your facility more comfortable, and improving your ability to manage and maintain building systems. AAA Energy Service Co. brings powerful advantages to your ice rink facility.

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