Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning


TRANE AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

We live in a world where more people are demanding air conditioned homes and buildings while the cost of energy and concern for the environment are surging.  In addition to making people comfortable, conditioned air is essential to the operations of our customers in high-tech manufacturing, hospitals, food processing and many other industries.  Trane is a world leader in providing systems, services and solutions responsive to all these modern realities, while delivering maximum energy efficiency. They’re big in big buildings.

And they’re applying Trane’s expertise in environmental technology and energy conservation to make a difference in energy efficiency around the globe.

As a leader in green building technology, Trane custom designs building systems that operate with maximum energy efficiency.  This is what customers want and the environment needs.  Their commitment to clean air extends from the air people breathe in buildings, to the air those buildings emit into the atmosphere.

In 2007 Trane was selected to join the Clinton Climate initiative, a team of business and government partners assembled by former U.S. President Bill Clinton to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 40 of the world’s largest cities.
Trane has long been the world’s largest producer of the massive chillers in commercial air conditioning systems.  But their industry leadership today is based on the comprehensive systems they design to accommodate the specific needs of our customers’ buildings, complete with sophisticated controls as well as chillers.



Carrier AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

In 1902, a brilliant young scientist named Willis Carrier invented air conditioning… and created an industry that would bring the advantages of indoor climate control to buildings of all kinds. With every generation, Carrier Corporation has consistently led the industry.  Today, Carrier Corp. is the world’s largest provider of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Carrier provides a complete line of HVAC equipment including gas fired/electric cooling rooftop units, electric cooling rooftop units with optional electric heat, heat pump rooftop units and water source heat pump rooftop units to meet your most demanding HVAC systems requirements.

As world leaders in indoor climate control, Carrier provides complete HVAC solutions for buildings of all types and sizes — from the corner retail shop to huge commerce centers. Additionally, they are proud to be selected time and again for demanding, one-of-a-kind applications such as the preservation of the frescos in the Sistine Chapel and, most recently, the preservation of the Inca maiden discovered in Peru.  No matter how demanding the application, HVAC system designers need look no further than Carrier — for the equipment, the controls and the communicating network that seamlessly integrates them brings them together into one “intelligent” system.


YORK AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

The York tradition is a tradition of innovation-of designing and manufacturing products that are second to none in performance and value. From energy savings to enhanced comfort, rely on York for complete advanced solutions to your needs.

Better performance.  Higher reliability.  Easier installation.  Simpler maintenance.  Greater value. These-along with the best design and innovation-are the hallmarks of the York brand.  Designed to meet the most demanding standards for quality, York products offer you a full range of high-efficiency products to choose from.

And it doesn’t end with our high-quality products. Their tech support services are the best in the business, providing you with all the information and support you need to succeed. When you’re thinking outstanding heating and cooling systems…think York.


McQUAY AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

McQuay delivers engineered, flexible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements with reliable products, knowledgeable applications expertise and responsive support.

McQuay is the second largest air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration company in the world.  They have earned a worldwide reputation for providing a full line of quality products and expertise to meet the demands of our customers.  Their engineers will work with you to design HVAC systems that can save you money while providing optimal overall system performance and occupant comfort.  The engineered flexibility of their products allows us to fine tune your HVAC system to meet the specific requirements of your application.  You benefit from lower installed and operating costs, high energy efficiency, quiet operation, superior indoor air quality (IAQ) and low cost maintenance and service.


Multi Stack

MULTISTACK EQUIPMENT AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

Why Multistack Modular Chillers?

The modular water chiller was invented by Multistack. It started with a radically simple idea: water chillers made up of modules that could be brought into the equipment room one at a time, through standard doorways and down elevators, to form a fully integrated water chiller system. The modular chiller idea launched a revolution and transformed Multistack into a leader in the commercial water-chiller industry.
Multistack perfected the modular chiller and leads the industry in innovative and environmentally friendly modular solutions.  Since founding in the late 1980’s, Multistack has engineered, manufactured, and distributed an impressive array of modular air conditioning firsts: the first on-board strainer, the first modular automatic blow-down device, the first modular chiller for variable flow, the first modular chiller-heater (heat pump), the first modular heat-recovery chiller, the first modular air-to-water heat pump, the first modular chiller to utilize MagLev™ compressor technology, and the first modular chiller to utilize R-410A.
Multistack sets the standard in the industry for superior customer service, fast and on time shipment, superior product quality, and new product development.  Their pioneering leadership in environmental issues is well documented.  If you want the best, be sure to specify the original: Multistack and Airstack Chillers.


LENNOX AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

Whether you’re in business to earn a profit or your organization serves a greater need, spending wisely is one of the most important factors of your success.   Lennox can help you keep a strong focus on your bottom line with energy-efficient, high-performance HVAC systems that meet the needs your customers, employees and clients.

As much as 50% of a commercial building’s energy is used by its HVAC system (Office of Energy Efficiency and U.S. Department of Energy).  Focusing on making your system work efficiently can dramatically reduce spending.  Lennox has a wide range of ENERGY STAR® systems to reduce energy consumption and minimize maintenance costs.

Lennox is the leader in advanced, energy-efficient HVAC systems that provide reliable comfort for light commercial buildings.  From retail stores to restaurants, schools to healthcare facilities, Lennox HVAC systems are designed to improve comfort, reduce total cost of ownership, protect indoor air quality and simplify installation and maintenance.  Choose from a wide range of innovative systems including Packaged Rooftop Units, Commercial Controls, Split Systems, Heating Systems, Indoor Air Quality Systems and Aftermarket Products.

Lennox is built on a legacy of innovative firsts, from the introduction of the riveted-steel furnace in 1895 to some of the most efficient air conditioners available today.  Over the years, Lennox has set the standard for home comfort, and they continue to push the standard forward with a lineup of more than 60 leading-edge products.


AAON AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

Since its inception AAON® has provided designs of the highest quality and performance that lead the HVAC industry. Their objective remains the same!  Performance oriented products that perform beyond expectations and provide life-cycle dependability at a reasonable first cost.

Defining Quality & Building Comfort
AAON is a world leader in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments, efficiently, through the manufacture of premium HVAC equipment.

History of Innovation
The earliest customers of AAON were large corporations with stores across the United States.  They came to them because they recognized the expert ability of AAON to design and manufacture first-class, energy efficient equipment with low maintenance needs.  Today, they have thousands of customers, large and small, and they continue to exceed the high expectations of their customers.

Value Leader
The AAON tradition is a tradition of innovative products that are second to none in performance and value.  From energy savings to enhanced comfort, rely on AAON for imaginative and dependable solutions to your needs.  As your HVAC partner, AAA Energy Service Co. focuses on ensuring each building has the system that optimizes the use of both technical and economic resources.



SANYO AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

Every Building Lives

When you think about a building as a living space, everyone involved lives better.  From design to installation to operation, SANYO lives for the living inside.  Their line of conditioning solutions breathes life into structures big and small. With 25 years of experience in the U.S., they are consistently building new ideas to help build your business.  By delivering multi-zone options, space-saving and environmentally friendly designs, their solutions are evolving, improving solutions.
SANYO Air Conditioners has been involved in the air conditioning industry for 50 years and has earned its reputation as a technical pioneer with several firsts:

  • 1958 Sanyo enters air conditioning industry with introduction of window air conditioner
  • 1961 Introduced world’s first ductless split system
  • 1989 Introduced industry’s first simultaneous 3 pipe vrf system
  • 2008 Introduced industry’s first solar power air conditioner


These innovations together with our continuous program of research and development, has ensured that SANYO’s products remain at the very forefront of innovation.

Human Conditioning

At Sanyo, they don’t just condition buildings.  They condition people.  That’s because they’ve thought beyond just Air Conditioning (AC) to something they like to call Human Conditioning (HC).  This is the process that guides their technology and system attributes, and, in turn, provides for maximum conditioning solutions for you.

SANYO is building life with their commitment to minimizing the effect that humans have on the environment.  Their products are a perfect choice for a LEEDs-compliant building.



MITSUBISHI AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

Comfort is a concept many of us notice only when we’re either uncomfortable or very relaxed.  But at Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, all they think about is comfort.  Their industry-leading Mr. Slim split-ductless cooling and heating systems reflect this thinking.  At home or at work, their Mr. Slim systems are designed to make any space inviting and comfortable.  Maybe your building has a room that’s always too hot or too cold.  Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a way to precisely control the climate in multiple rooms in your office building such as in conference rooms.  No matter what your cooling and heating needs may be, Mr. Slim systems are the perfect way to transform your home or workplace into a tranquil and productive environment.

Mitsubishi Electric is without exception the industry leader in split-zoning air-conditioning technology.  Their innovations have defined cutting-edge technology for over 28 years.  Compare and you’ll see that no one surpasses the Mr. Slim brand’s performance for quiet, easy-to-use and energy-efficient operation.   The bottom line is Mr. Slim systems deliver the ultimate in comfort control for your home or office.  It’s true today and will be comfortably evident for years to come.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
At Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, it’s more than a principle…it’s their mantra.  They put it into practice every day, at every level.  It begins with a diligent adherence to Energy Star, EPA, AHRI, UL, ASHRAE, ETL and ISO standards and continues through to product design and development processes that cut waste and reduce energy needs.  Their air conditioners and heat pumps are specially designed to allow for easy cleaning, efficient disassembly and more practical recycling.  To date, as much as 84 percent of the materials used to build a Mr. Slim system is recyclable, as well as the long-life washable filters used in all the indoor units to produce a minimal impact on landfills.

All Mitsubishi Electric HVAC products use environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant which offers zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and allows for higher heat transfer coefficient (COP).  This innovative feature means a reduction in equipment size, a reduction in piping size and higher pressure for greater performance.  INVERTER zoning systems smartly deliver only the amount of capacity needed unlike a typical full-power ON system.  And their smarter sensing technology and microprocessors enhance the system’s ability to measure room temperature accurately for added comfort, performance and efficiency.


DAIKIN AAA Energy Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning

The Daikin Difference
Daikin® is a global leader, innovator and provider of advanced air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Daikin is revolutionizing air conditioning in North America with some of the most technologically and aesthetically advanced solutions ever introduced.  These intelligent, energy efficient systems provide an unprecedented level of individual comfort and control.  It’s a leap beyond air conditioning to the experience of complete comfort.

Daikin is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants They develop and optimize every system, so that each component works flawlessly with the next, delivering maximum performance and Absolute Comfort.

As a building owner, the issues of quick installation and reduced operating and maintenance costs are important when installing or retrofitting an air conditioning system.  Daikin’s range of space-saving systems — from SkyAir to VRV® — are easily installed so that you can quickly rent units as they become available.  Their modular systems provide everything you need, including complete temperature control, room-by-room and floor-by-floor.

Owner Benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs
    • Energy saving
    • Water saving
    • Low maintenance cost
  • Space saving
  • Quick and flexible installation

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