Computer Room HVAC

Computer Room HVAC


APC AAA Energy Computer Room HVAC

In today’s “always on, always available” world where businesses can’t stop and downtime is measured in dollars, American Power Conversion (APC) provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage: power problems and temperature.  As a global leader in network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, APC sets the standard in its industry for quality, innovation and support. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.

Known for its quality, innovation and industry leading service and support, APC has perhaps the longest list of accolades in its industry.  Not satisfied with this, APC is working diligently to achieve its corporate mission of creating delighted customers by improving the manageability, availability and performance of information and communication systems through the rapid delivery of innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Data center heat densities continue to increase, making it more difficult to provide adequate cooling.  To ensure proper airflow paths the distance between the heat source and heat removal system must decrease.  The InRow® product design closely couples cooling with heat load, preventing exhaust air recirculation to sensitive IT equipment.  The InRow RC is a computer room chilled water cooling system designed for installation in the row to maximize sensible cooling and increase efficiency.  The unit captures heat directly from the hot aisle and distributes cool air ensuring that equipment temperatures are constantly held to setpoint conditions.  The energy-efficient design lowers total cost of ownership by monitoring IT equipment inlet temperatures to modulate capacity based on the demand for cooling.  Fan speed is controlled based on the demand to reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods.  Heat rejection for the unit can be handled through an existing chilled water system or an APC supplied chiller.  The modular, scalable solution improves agility by enabling you to add cooling as demand increases, making the InRow RC ideal for small to large datacenters.


Liebert AAA Energy Computer Room HVAC

Precision Cooling
Liebert cooling, HVAC and environmental control technologies lead the industry when it comes to innovation and energy efficiency.


EMERSON AAA Energy Computer Room HVAC

Emerson’s expertise is unsurpassed in cooling technology
Liebert precision cooling products provide the precise, year-round cooling required by sensitive electronics while protecting them from the environmental hazards of dust, temperature and humidity.  Liebert solutions include standalone, ceiling and wall-mount systems for spot, room and telecom shelter applications, and liquid chilling systems for medical imaging and industrial equipment.  These systems include the Liebert DS, the Liebert Hiross, the Liebert MiniMate and the Liebert Intelecool.

Emerson has also pioneered the development of new cooling solutions for high-density servers and switches. The Liebert XD family brings unprecedented flexibility and scalability to data center cooling.  These solutions can complement existing cooling systems to increase the utilization of data center space and energy, while enabling a tiered approach to cooling based on temperatures within the entire room, specific zones or individual racks.

Data Aire

DATA AIRE AAA Energy Computer Room HVAC

What is “Precision” Air?
Precision air is the virtually absolute control of the three prime elements of indoor air quality – temperature, humidity and airborne particulates.

The lack of control of any one of these factors can contribute to serious system and component failures. Costly downtime and excessive maintenance expenses are the result. Even short periods of service shutdown are unacceptable in many mission-critical applications.

Data Aire has created an integrated approach for the precise control of sensitive equipment room environments.  By combining air processing functions, close-tolerance parameters can be easily maintained.

Fully programmable, and computer monitored, Data Aire systems can provide peace-of-mind, and the assurance that sensitive equipment is receiving the best protection available.

When it comes to precision air – think Data Aire!


STULZ AAA Energy Computer Room HVAC

Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1947, today STULZ employs a workforce of over 3,700 around the world.  As the technology leader in the industry, Stulz Air Technology Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to critical environmental control needs.

Through a commitment to research and development, Stulz-ATS, continually strives to be the leader in industry innovations.  An example of this commitment is our current focus to make our products more energy efficient, demonstrated best in our utilization of EC Fan Technology in our computer room air conditioning equipment.  We are proud to be the first manufacturer to bring this technology to the US datacenter.

This commitment to excellence, along with a standard two year warranty, fast lead times, and outstanding customer service, make Stulz-ATS the perfect choice for all your environmental control needs.

STULZ stands for engineers who know their business and a sales team who knows about technology.  Products and services from STULZ embody a wealth of experience gathered from many thousands of projects.  With expert advice, meticulous implementation and lasting service, they develop tailor-made solutions for customers and partners in all industries – with precision, punctuality and partnership.

All over the world, air-conditioning systems made by STULZ are keeping sensitive information and communication technology cool.  In data centers and mobile phone stations, they ensure maximum availability with minimum energy consumption.

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