Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

Walter Meier

AAA Energy evaporative cooling - Walter Meier

Walter Meier Climate Inc. is the leading manufacturer of commercial humidification technology.  Their Nortec products are sold and serviced throughout North America.  NORTEC is a world leader in state-of-the-art humidification technology.  Their focus is concentrated exclusively on designing and building better humidification systems.

Nortec Launches a ‘Cool’ NEW Humidifier
Think GREEN…Think MH. The sustainable solution for humidifying and cooling!

Introducing the new MH Series Evaporative Humidifier / Cooler media for Duct or Air Handling Unit applications.
The MH Series provides energy efficient air humidification and air cooling based on the simple adiabatic principle. Its innovative design is specifically engineered for air handling unit (AHU) or ventilation duct applications and is a perfect compliment towards GREEN/LEED building design.   It simply passes hot dry air through a wet media bank, which results in humidification and free evaporative cooling with capacities up to 2500 lbs/hr.

Its innovative design is specifically engineered for air handling units or ventilation duct applications and is a perfect compliment towards Green/LEED building design residential, commercial or industrial.

The V-Profile media profile intensifies the evaporation process provide exceptional high performance and efficiencies. Their media does not contain any glass fibers that might become suspended into the air stream and become harmful to human health.

United Metal

AAA Energy evaporative cooling - United Metal Products

United Metal Products is a manufacturer of commercial HVAC equipment with a proven track record of excellence and a strong commitment to customer service.  As the industry’s leader in outside air energy recovery and evaporative cooling, United Metal Products specializes in developing innovative evaporative cooler solutions while maintaining high standards of quality. This commitment to providing outstanding customer service along with the highest quality products has led to their equipment being installed on facilities throughout the world from Mexico to the Middle East and across the entire United States.

Located in the heart of one of the harshest climatic regions of the world, where temperatures can exceed 120°F, United Metal Products is uniquely experienced in dealing with the toughest of cooling issues. The base of their operations is in a 96,000 square foot facility in Tempe, Arizona, where they manufacture energy saving cooling and heating air handling equipment for facilities around the world.

United Metal Products’ facility reflects the strong background in engineering and manufacturing of its owners.  Their efficient plant utilizes 5S and Lean strategies to their fullest potential.


evaporative_clip_image005 AAA Energy evaporative cooling - Munters

Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment solutions and restoration services based on expertise in humidity and climate control technologies.

Munters offers a wide range of evaporative coolers for various applications. The evaporative cooling principle is based on air flow through a wetted media. The warm air passes the media which transduces the energy to the water that vaporizes.

Munters is the company that pioneered evaporative cooling based on the wetted media. Evaporative cooling systems have been developed by Munters since the late sixties. This technology has been improved and developed through the years and today Munters can provide cost effective cooling for small areas to larger buildings, commercial-, public-, and industrial buildings.


AAA Energy evaporative cooling - Bessamaire HVEC

Since 1953, they’ve manufactured over 100,000 industrial/commercial evaporative cooling, make up air and air turnover systems to over 6000 customers.  They offer a full line of HVEC (Heating, Ventilation and Evaporative Cooling) products, ranging from 6000 CFM FreshWater™ Evaporative Coolers to 75,000 CFM Make Up Air units.

Their goal is to provide the lowest overall cost of ownership along with the highest air purity.  Bessamaire has built quality into its products for long life.  This quality helps insure long term relationships with their customers.

Indoor air quality is something they take very seriously at Bessamaire.
Their patented FreshWater™ Slinger design is rapidly becoming the evaporative cooler of choice for the food processing industry because of its proven ability to reduce the risk of mold and airborne pathogens.  They offer robust industrial heating and cooling equipment as well as Bioguard™ Treated Air Ducts and Productivity Enhancements to help improve worker health, air quality and productivity.

They designed and built the Bessamaire Evaporative Cooler to meet today’s growing demand for increased sensible cooling with extremely low energy consumption. This system utilizes their patented slinger wheel technology for even water distribution and to minimize airborne pathogens or mold.

Whether they’re used to cool an entire facility or simply to spot cool specific areas, the Bessamaire Evaporative Cooling system can supplement and/or replace mechanical refrigeration needs in industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural facilities. Buildings requiring large quantities of fresh air moving throughout, such as laundries, gymnasiums, kitchens, heat treating areas and dry cleaning plant are perfect candidates for evaporative cooling.

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