Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration


Vilter Manufacturing provides a complete line of compressors for commercial / industrial refrigeration and gas compression including reciprocating, single screw, and twin screw compressors.

Vilter’s single screw compressors provide the lowest life-cycle costs, and highest reliability of all industrial refrigeration and gas compressors.  Its balanced design provides quiet and reliable operation.  Dependable performance, well beyond 100,000 hours, is effortlessly achieved without the need for special oil filtration or vibration monitoring and analysis.  Periodic compressor rebuilds and overhauls are relatively unheard of with the Vilter single screw compressor.
Providing innovative solutions to industrial applications since 1867…The World’s Best Compressors™ are available only from Vilter.

Vilter is the name to rely on for dependable, high-performance refrigeration. Our products include a complete line of compressors, condensers, heat exchangers and related equipment to solve any refrigeration challenge. You’ll find Vilter equipment used throughout the world, from the smallest cold storage room to huge food processing operations.

With more than a century of industrial refrigeration experience, Vilter has the expertise needed to address today’s increasingly complex cooling applications.  No two customers share the exact same refrigeration requirements.  Tonnage requirements, client specifications, and space restrictions can vary significantly from application to application.  However, all of our customers do share the need for a refrigeration system that will minimize operating costs and maintain vital process temperatures.  And Vilter is a name that stands for quality.

From initial design and engineering to techniques and materials used for product assembly, Vilter’s exacting standards of craftsmanship combine tradition and technology.



FES manufactures Industrial Refrigeration Equipment and services for the food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical markets.  Their products include screw compressor packages, plate and frame heat exchangers, microprocessor controls and computer supervisory systems.  They also provide heat exchangers, centrifugal compressor packages, engineered systems, and post sales services and support.

FES engineered packaged systems are custom designed to meet the processing requirements and refrigeration needs of heavy-duty specification applications.  Their specialized expertise in this area can only be acquired over years of industrial refrigeration experience.   They apply this knowledge in every design in order to fabricate efficient, rugged, reliable systems.



Evapco Inc. is an employee owned manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications.  Evapco is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products for the evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration markets around the globe.  Since it’s founding in 1976, EVAPCO, Incorporated has become an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of quality heat transfer products around the world.  EVAPCO’s mission is to provide first class service and quality products in the commercial HVAC and industrial refrigeration markets.

EVAPCO is recognized for the superior technology of their environmentally friendly product innovations in sound reduction and water management.  EVAPCO has earned a reputation for technological innovation and superior product quality by featuring products that are designed to offer these operating advantages:

  • Higher System Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lower Annual Operating Costs
  • Reliable, Simple Operation and Maintenance


With an ongoing commitment to Research and Development programs, EVAPCO provides the most advanced products in the industry – Technology for the Future, Available Today!



Hansen Technologies is a global leader in designing and manufacturing components for large industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.  Their success results from high-quality, innovative products, exceptional customer service, and unequaled expertise in the refrigeration industry.

In over twenty years of growth, Hansen’s knowledgeable engineering staff has continued to develop original and essential products to meet the needs of our valued customers.  Hansen Technologies became the true pioneer and idea generator for modern industrial refrigeration non-condensable gas (air) purging equipment with the development of the AUTO-PURGER ® AP08 in 1984.  The company pioneered continuous level sensing when Hansen introduced Vari-Level ® probes to the refrigeration industry in 1988.  Since then, Hansen continuous level controls have become an industry standard.  Most recently, Hansen Technologies has introduced the Hansen Sealed Motor Valve which can be controlled by a 4-20mA signal.  They are currently expanding into the CO2 refrigeration market.

More innovative products are on the horizon at Hansen Technologies.  Get to know them and learn how their high standards, extensive product line, and capabilities will better assist you with your refrigeration needs.

Alfa Laval


Creating better everyday conditions
Alfa Laval’s products and solutions are used in areas of vital importance for humanity such as food and water supply, energy production and economizing and environmental protection.  We are where you are.

The ideal temperature
Efficient temperature control is essential to achieving a pleasant indoor climate in homes, offices and public facilities such as hospitals, hotels, sports centers and shopping malls.  The challenge is to achieve the ideal temperature while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and paying attention to environmental issues.

Alfa Laval is the leading supplier of heat exchangers for heating, cooling and air-conditioning and many of the world’s famous buildings use our heat exchangers to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.  The company’s gasketed, brazed plate heat exchangers and air heat exchangers have become key components worldwide for district heating and cooling, central heating and cooling of individual buildings as well as domestic tap water or swimming pool heating.




Forging the future of refrigeration from 150 years of expertise in the diversified design and manufacture of industrial cold.
Whether your application is in food and beverage or pharmaceutical refrigeration, cold storage, or the natural gas and petrochemical industries, they have the products, packages, service and technical support to keep your production units in seamless operation.

A broad line of Frick® screw compressors, condensers, evaporators, ACUair® hygienic air-handling units, control systems, vessels and accessories gives you the flexibility to design unique systems while gaining the efficiencies of pre-engineered, pre-tested construction.

Whatever your application, they have a compressor to meet your needs from space saving to energy saving.
Frick compressors, heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers come in a compact package controlled by their Quantum™ controls and Frick “turnkey” software.

Advanced heat exchanger technology is put to work to reduce refrigerant usage and create maximum operating efficiency for you.



With over 75 years of industry leading products and services, Krack offers an extensive line of evaporators, condensers and condensing units for all your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs.

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Utilizing the highest quality components for energy efficiency with standard PSC motors and optional EC motors
  • Industry leading technology to reduce refrigerant charge with Micro-channel condensers, patented winter flooding controls and rifled tubing to maximize capacity for surface area
  • Noise reduction with swept wing fan blades, variable speed motors and low speed fan options that provide worker comfort inside and “good neighbor” compatible outside
  • Expansive product offering for industrial evaporators in the industry
  • Custom engineered design based on your application needs from our experienced and knowledgeable engineering team
  • Extensive ammonia competency resulting in trust and confidence with every application design
  • Broad range of material types, tube diameters and defrost types
    –   Copper, aluminum, aluminum/aluminum, stainless/aluminum, hot dipped galvanized steel
    –   5/8″   3/4″   and 1″
    –   Air, electric, hot gas and water
  • Custom order development available to meet your specific project needs
  • Available with stainless steel housing construction


Refrigerating Specialties


Refrigerating Specialties has been manufacturing and distributing refrigeration control valves for 91 years.  They continuously enhance their offerings to support customer requirements, newer refrigerants and technologies.  From industrial pressure regulators, solenoids, liquid level controls, safety relief, and hand shut-off valves to commercial regulators and solenoids, they have a solution for your needs.

In addition to specific climate control systems for commercial, mobile, and food and beverage cooling, Parker motion and control technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid and gas handling, filtration, sealing and shielding help to engineer your success in air conditioning.

Climate control is the technology of controlling fluids and gases to vary temperature.  Parker provides comfort and convenience through refrigeration and air conditioning.  70 plus years of innovating products that help our customers stay ahead of the competition. To be innovative, you need to foster an environment that challenges people to think, to create and to produce.  Parker’ Winovation program, is dedicated to developing products and systems for tomorrow, and doing it with the support of our customers and suppliers. Winnovation focuses our efforts on delivering new and innovated products to marketplace and to not stop there, but to continue to investigate and develop more new and innovated products.  Through innovation, Parker is Engineering Your Success.

The Climate and Industrial Controls Group boasts its own array of technology resources:

  • a dedicated Applied Technology Center
  • test ammonia rigs and supermarket racks
  • environmental chambers
  • vibration, burst and impulse testing units
  • a fuel cell business unit
  • and design engineering staff at every division


The results are clear –more than 150 patents in climate and control technology over the past 40 years.



A reputation for the most dependable performance in the field.  Like a quality baseball glove, Copeland Scroll® compressors get better with time.  Multiple field and extended-life tests have proven that Copeland Scroll components are extremely durable and deliver improved efficiency as they are used.  So you can be confident with every installation that you will experience the benefits of these high-efficiency systems for years to come.  Look at the stats: 55 million installations worldwide, 20 years of proven performance and reliability, and the lowest failure rate in the industry.  Only one compressor consistently delivers performance that lives up to your reputation…Copeland Scroll compressors.

Even a small refrigeration failure can turn into a sticky situation.  Be sure that the refrigeration equipment you use has a track record of proven performance.  You can be confident that you will get the reliability that the foodservice industry demands.  Plus, their technology is backed with the support of more than 950 Emerson authorized wholesaler locations nationwide.  So you can be confident that the ice cream won’t melt – and neither will your reputation.



Tecumseh Compressor Company is one of the largest manufacturers of hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration products.  In addition to compressors they utilize their design and manufacturing expertise to deliver refrigeration solutions to a broad range of industries around the world.  Pursuing a global strategy of mass customization we fulfill our customers’ needs with high quality compressors, condensing units, and complete cooling systems.  Utilizing high volume flexible manufacturing systems, they provide customized value driven solutions unique to their customers.

All of their products share a common foundation in the company’s core engineering and manufacturing competencies.  They convert raw materials (aluminum, copper, steel, and plastic) into highly engineered components (cylinders, shafts and pistons) that are assembled into prime movers (motors) involved in fluid handling (water, refrigerant) which are used in products that improve health, safety, and convenience.

At Tecumseh Products Company, they are committed to leading the trend towards overall efficiency improvement and environmentally responsible products.  Their compressors are made with recycled cast iron.  In addition, their plants pursue ISO14001 certification to maintain the evolution of their manufacturing processes to ever more sustainable practices.

Bristol Compressors


Customers around the world have come to rely on Bristol Compressors. The reason is simple: All Bristol products are made to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance.

In 1974 construction of our 600,000 square foot facility began in Bristol, Virginia and in early 1975 the first hermetic compressors were produced. Today Bristol Compressors manufactures a full line of hermetic compressors that are used in domestic and commercial air conditioning and heat pump applications.

Bristol’s commitment to their customers is …. “to provide the greatest value in air conditioning products available anywhere in the world.”  They have accomplished this by constantly striving to :

  • Be responsive to their customer’s changing requirements.
  • Never compromise the quality of their products or the excellence of their design.
  • Place continuing emphasis on providing application engineering and technical assistance.


Bristol’s success is reflective of this customer commitment.  Many manufacturers have shown such dedication to Bristol that they have committed 100% of their compressor requirements to Bristol.

Bristol manufactures compressors with energy efficiency levels from 8.2 to 12.0 at ARI rating conditions. Product capacities range from 13,000 to 294,000 Btu/hr, the widest range of hermetic Air Conditioning compressors available from one source today! Product versatility allows customers to select compressors with the appropriate capacity, EER, and sound level that best fits their rigorous applications.



Mycom Chemical Process Corporation (Mycom) is dedicated to providing dependable high quality oil flooded screw compressor solutions for a wide variety of applications from simple industrial refrigeration to highly specified offshore petrochemical compression.  Under one roof they have the skills to engineer, manufacturer, and service custom built equipment for the most demanding applications.

Mycom can design a process refrigeration compressor package for virtually any refrigerant.  Single and compound stage compressor packages can be outfitted with purgers, expansion valves, economizers, receivers and condensers.  Custom designed to meet your temperature, efficiency and heat load needs.

Manufacturing oil flooded screw compressors since 1964, the Mycom name has grown to be synonymous with quality, reliability, and service.



How Sabroe gets refrigeration right
The Sabroe name is renowned throughout the world of refrigeration products and systems – famous for reliability, technological excellence and our ability to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.  They have the know-how needed to supply you with the full range of compressor technology – from individual compressor units, control systems and ancillaries to complete packages and systems.


For users of refrigeration equipment, utmost reliability at every stage is a prime concern. Sabroe equipment is specifically designed for maximum reliability, to ensure you have an absolute minimum of downtime – whether scheduled or not. Sabroe equipment is also built to provide rapid, easy access, efficient serviceability and a minimum of maintenance.


Sabroe refrigeration products and systems have a solid reputation for being the best you can get. Backed by more than a century of experience and a wealth of technical expertise, Sabroe specialists are the people to talk to when you want the ideal solution to your particular needs.

Environmental focus

The use of refrigeration is closely linked with environmental concerns. Different refrigerants have different properties, but also different environmental impacts and a wide range of national and international regulations and agreements apply to their use.  Environmentally friendly refrigerants are now high on many world agendas – and Sabroe customers benefit from the fact that we already have more than a century of practical experience with using natural refrigerants.


Because we design and build Sabroe equipment ourselves, you can be sure that all the component parts, fittings and ancillaries work perfectly together.  We’ve mastered the difficult art of designing refrigeration equipment so that it works perfectly, is easy to install and hassle-free to maintain. And we haven’t forgotten that our customers also like it to look attractive and well-engineered, as well.  Sabroe compressors, package solutions and control systems are also designed with modularity and compatibility in mind, so that it’s easier for you to retrofit and expand your installation when the need arises.

The benefits

The Sabroe standard means that your refrigeration systems move from being an expense to a benefit – a benefit that has a marked influence on both your operating costs and your product quality.  Sabroe refrigeration equipment also works wonders for your environmental profile in a world of increasingly stringent regulations.  Count up the benefits of

  • the lowest practicable life cycle cost (LCC)
  • high coefficient of performance (COP)
  • systems for use with almost all refrigerants, both current and future
  • better environmental profile (low TEWI)
  • significantly less maintenance – easy, efficient service
  • worldwide support

With a comprehensive range of screw and reciprocating compressors, packaged units and control systems we can meet virtually any refrigeration requirements you may have.  In the world of refrigeration compressors and equipment, the Sabroe standard is the benchmark you can use to judge everything else by.

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