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See Your Facility in a New Light

Lighting is considered the single highest use of electricity in our country. Depending on the facility, lighting accounts for 30-60% of the total energy costs.

The traditional approach to lighting industrial facilities was to use inefficient metal halide fixtures that consume between 250W and 1000W or more. Over time, the light output from these fixtures decreases significantly while the amount of power they need remains constant. Advances in lighting technology have led to newer, highly-efficient fixtures that use much less power than the traditional fixtures while offering many previously-unavailable advantages.

With the recent increases in sustainability tax incentives, energy efficient rebates, and green initiatives, the demand for energy efficient lighting retrofits has grown.

It’s impossible to engineer a lighting retrofit solution without a comprehensive audit! The adage ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ is very applicable to every lighting retrofit. A good audit is much more than just counting fixtures. We will conduct a professional audit to collect the data necessary to simulate your facility conditions so that there is no guess work as to whether the fixtures and controls specified are the best choice for your facility.
Our experienced auditors will:

  • Recognize opportunities for controls and daylighting
  • Understand light level requirements by task (as defined by IESNA)
  • Understand your objectives so that engineers can provide the right recommendations for you to choose from.

Upgrading your facility to energy efficient lighting will affect operations and company profitability—hopefully for the better. Be sure the front end analysis takes into account all variables to eliminate unpleasant surprises after the installation is complete.

Involve Key Stakeholders from the Start

Regardless of who spearheads an energy efficient lighting retrofit, many other stakeholders will have additional compelling reason to pursue the strategy. It makes sense to get them involved in the process sooner than later.

Don’t Let Budget Hurdles Slow You Down

Many lighting retrofit projects can be initiated with no initial investment. In many cases, a project can even provide substantial cash incentives in advance of construction with future payments limited to a percentage of energy savings.

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