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Energy Audits

Energy Audits provide building owners with a road-map to your energy usage. An energy audit can let you know where you are today, and what you can do to realize a better tomorrow. Our highly skilled energy engineers can help you use the knowledge gained in energy audits to enable solutions to upgrade your building’s MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) systems.

Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits

Flip the switch on savings! Get immediate results by changing out old fixtures with more efficient hardware and replacing old bulbs with new, more energy efficient ones. And we customize our solutions – our talented and experienced lighting design partners can help you by selecting the optimal solution for your needs.

Infrastructure Assessments and Upgrades

Our capabilities begin with MEP studies and energy audits, include capital asset planning services, and continue with program management to deliver energy and operating cost savings through infrastructure upgrades. We focus on central energy conversion assets and delivery systems, including chillers, boilers, air compressors, and HVAC equipment, acting as an extension of our customers engineering and operating teams.

Sub-metering and Controls

It’s difficult to manage and reduce your energy consumption if you don’t have information about where and how it is being put to use. We work with customers to install sub-metering for electricity, natural gas, chilled water, compressed air, and other forms of energy, and we provide real-time information and reporting capabilities to assist with cost allocation issues and enable demand response program participation. We also install HVAC and lighting controls systems to ensure that building occupant needs are met in the most energy efficient means possible.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Stay ahead of the game by improving and extending your property’s operating efficiency with the help of our expert Service team. We’ll help you establish effective maintenance practices to ensure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. We know how to operate.

By partnering with AAA Energy Service Co. you’ll work with a passionate group of building experts whose favorite color is green…..and favorite words are efficiency, optimizing and sustainable.

Almost every building wastes 10 percent or more of the energy it consumes due to inefficient operation of the HVAC system. In many buildings, the inefficiencies were built in during construction and have become part of the baseline consumption numbers used to predict operating costs each year. In others, modifications made over time in response to complaints, or for providing a quick fix to an equipment problem, contribute to reduced performance.

The reasons for the waste vary – the challenge is how to identify and eliminate them in an economical manner. Because the waste is “hidden” within the building systems, most energy strategies concentrate on equipment upgrades to address inefficiencies and lower energy costs. In some cases, this may be the proper strategy for the building – finding and eliminating the hidden waste may cost much more money than it will save. But, in many buildings (large or extremely intensive facilities), the simple payback on waste elimination can be measured in months, not years, and savings can be very significant.

First, define the opportunity. Optimization often refers to adjustments or minor mechanical fixes to existing equipment to make it operate as intended. You’re focusing on tuning the existing system for performance, and energy savings is a byproduct of optimal performance. This process of optimization involves a systematic collection of information from the building management system and facilities staff, and, most importantly, energy data collected from key pieces of equipment. This energy data often shows that what you think is happening in the building is not, in fact, correct. No matter how advanced the building management system is, these direct energy measurements will often uncover inconsistencies. There are no typical findings to point to, but control sequences, short-cycling of compressors, and unintended equipment operation are general categories in which inefficiencies are uncovered.

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