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If you are presently burning natural gas (or propane) to heat water and buying electricity from your utility, you could be saving money with TECOGEN Cogeneration Modules.

In a conventional water heater, fuel burning at temperatures greater than 2500°F produces only low-grade energy – 150°F to 200°F hot water.  These water heaters don’t make full use of the high-grade energy in the fuel; and because they are thermodynamically wasteful, they waste your money too!

In the TECOGEN module, high-temperature combustion produces both hot water and valuable electric power. Thermal performance is comparable to conventional water heaters, but in addition, 26% of the fuel’s energy is converted into high-grade electrical energy. The combined electrical and heating efficiency is 83%. Utilization of the fuel’s energy potential, both high-grade and low-grade, is maximized.

The TECOGEN module attains exceptional thermodynamic performance by burning gas in an efficient internal combustion engine designed for long-term industrial use. The engine drives a generator to produce electricity while simultaneously making hot water from engine reject heat. That’s how the TECOGEN module can produce electricity and hot water for the price of purchased electricity alone.

Tecogen, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of gas engine-driven equipment. The company markets two product lines: TECOCHILL engine-driven chillers in the 25-400 ton size range and 60 and 75 kW TECOGEN cogeneration modules. A new 100kw inverter-based cogeneration unit is being introduced.

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