Digital Building Controls

Digital Building Controls


TREND - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

Trend is one of the world’s leading Building Management Systems manufacturers, with a worldwide distribution and support network covering over 50 countries.  Its fully integrated control solutions are able to meet the most complex requirements of modern buildings.

Trend is one of Europe’s leading Building Management Systems manufacturers to the worldwide HVAC markets.
They provide totally integrated HVAC systems solutions to the complicated requirements that many types of building demand today.

Trend control systems are supplied, engineered and commissioned by approved systems integrators. A significant number of these specialist controls companies have qualified as Trend Technology Centers, a status they have achieved by demonstrating they can meet defined high standards of workmanship, contract management, documentation and quality control. All are subject to regular audit to ensure these standards are being maintained.  AAA Energy Service is proud to be a Trend Technology Center.  The Trend package of advanced products, specialist services and a tried and tested route to market not only provides systems that are fit for purpose but also ensures lowest lifetime costs.

Through close control and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other building services, Trend systems are able to minimize energy consumption and maintain consistently comfortable conditions – as well as bringing other key benefits such as lower plant maintenance costs.  Systems are to be found in virtually every type of non-residential building, from schools, hospitals and airports to office buildings, shops and industrial facilities.  Suitable for the largest building complexes and multi-site applications, they are still cost-effective in even very small applications.

Trend systems also easily integrate into other building systems, including lighting, fire and security/access.  Their solutions use a variety of communication protocols that enable you to cost effectively build and expand the system that works best for you. AAA Energy Service Co. can engineer unique Trend offerings to meet the needs of your intelligent building at any phase – from design to construction to occupancy.  Cost effective, bulletproof intelligent building solutions installed by industry leaders.

BMS Overview
Microcomputer controllers receive signals from field devices and according to their programmed operating parameters, take action to control plant equipment.
Supervisors view or amend the system data as well as providing a wide range of energy analysis and maintenance functions.
Networks allow devices to communicate across a physical distance either locally, across a wide area network, or remotely by using standard browser technology. This means information can be accessed from anywhere in the world, ensuring total building continuity.
Field Devices
Field devices send or receive data directly to controllers for either local or remote control & monitoring.  If you don’t measure or monitor an area or item you cannot control it.
System Architecture



novar - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

Novar has been delivering savings to building owners across the country through energy and operational management for over 20 years.  Novar provides everything you need to drive your sustainability strategies, optimize your energy management, improve operational efficiencies and add significant savings to your bottom line.

They provide the most advanced and comprehensive energy management products and services for chain businesses.  Built on 20 years as the innovator and market leader for multi-site businesses, Novar can deliver what you need, when you need it, with the best total lifetime value in the industry.  Whether it is consulting, technology, enterprise software or comprehensive services – or all of these in an integrated, turn-key solution, Novar stands apart in ensuring you meet your corporate goals and objectives.  That’s why 65% of the top retailers choose Novar.

The Trend & Novar Connection
All of a sudden you’re seeing “Trend” where you used to see only “Novar”, and you’re probably wondering what the story is.  Both brand names have been around for a great many years, with Novar being known primarily in North America and Trend being known in Europe.  Both business channels existed formerly under the parent company Novar plc before it was acquired by Honeywell in 2005. At that point in time, they decided to do an Americas launch of the Trend product line with their established network of Novar Technology Centers.

The Trend IQ line is a great complement to the Novar Logic One line, since it fits in many places where Logic One did not.  The Trend system helps us to provide cost effective, powerful solutions for healthcare, higher education, and other complex applications, plus a unique combination of a small building controller packaged with a web server for small, multi-site applications.

AAA Energy Service Co. will continue to be your system and service provider for both brand names.  You have known, trusted and depended on us for 20 years, you can still count on us today, and even count on some exciting new technology we now have available.


Honeywell - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

Honeywell Building Solutions installs, integrates and maintains the systems that keep facilities safe, secure, comfortable, productive and energy-efficient.  Whether you’re flying on a plane, driving a car, heating or cooling a home, furnishing an apartment, taking medication or playing a sport, Honeywell products touch most peoples’ lives every day.  They are building a world that’s safer and more secure … more comfortable and energy efficient … more innovative and productive.

We Know that School Comfort can Affect Student Performance
Schools, commercial space, airports, government facilities — whatever type of building you own or manage, Honeywell can deliver a solution.

We Know Manufacturing Plants Must Support Uptime
Honeywell provides a comprehensive array offerings, all of which we tailor to address your specific concerns and integrate into a single solution.

  • Building management systems
  • Building services
  • HVAC temperature control
  • Energy services
  • Integrated security solutions
  • Installation, maintenance and support
  • Security services
  • Training


We Know that Operating Budgets are Tighter than Ever
We don’t just sell products and services. From performance contracts to government grants, we help customers find the capital to implement solutions.

We Know our Customers and Meet Their Needs
Honeywell has more than 115 years experience building and optimizing facilities across the globe.


Johnson Controls - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

When energy efficiency in a home or building increases, it’s not just the utility bill that goes down.  So do the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the burning of fossil fuels.  The smart environments they create for customers are efficient, safe and sustainable.  That makes the occupants more productive and more comfortable.  And that’s good for business … and for life.

They provide solutions for operating buildings effectively and efficiently to increase a building’s energy efficiency and operational performance.

Their products and services include HVAC&R equipment and control systems, industrial and commercial refrigeration, fire and security systems and service for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.  Their team of over 10,000 front-line service providers offers service capabilities that extend beyond maintaining control systems and mechanical equipment.

Johnson Controls has a long history of advocating for open protocols and standards Their Metasys® building management system gives you more control and easier access to information than any other system of its kind.  It incorporates open systems technologies of both the building automation and the information technologies industries.

The result is a system that integrates all your building equipment, organizes the information in the most logical way imaginable and delivers it where and when you need it.  And with Metasys wireless technologies, you can cost-effectively expand into all kinds of spaces you couldn’t before.  They have building control systems to manage the energy, comfort and protection needs of your building no matter how simple or complex.


TRANE - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

Trane offers a wide range of field controllers to suit virtually any application. These units are compatible with a variety of building types and can be used for new construction or renovation.

Single buildings can have complex HVAC and energy management needs.  Trane’s range of controls can help you meet your building’s temperature, humidity, ventilation and energy management needs, no matter how challenging.
High quality, easy to use, integrated and reliable controls are a key to maximizing the efficiency and prolonging the life of your building’s comfort systems.  Trane offers a range of flexible and adaptable products to suit most single building applications, from a downtown elementary school to a high rise office.

When you’ve got multiple buildings with diverse comfort and energy management needs, Trane’s Tracer ES™ system provides a flexible and precise range of different systems to meet a variety of requirements.  Tracer ES is a web-based systems integration solution that gives facility managers an online, enterprise-wide view of all their buildings and systems, from any PC on the network.  Tracer ES is fully customizable, easy to install and lets users perform daily operations such as online scheduling, alarm management, troubleshooting, status updates and data analysis.

Tracer ES can help educational, healthcare, government and retail organizations create healthier, more comfortable environments for their occupants – while allowing management to make better operational decisions to reduce energy usage and maintenance expenses.

To ensure that their controls are simple to use, Trane has conducted extensive usability testing with building operators. Many of their control units feature an easy-to-use touch screen and display that eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse.  The interface has a unified look and feel across the entire Tracer product line, simplifying training and enhancing operator efficiency in buildings with multiple Tracer controllers.



Carrier - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

As world leaders in indoor climate control, Carrier provides complete HVAC solutions for buildings of all types and sizes — from the corner retail shop to huge commerce centers. Additionally, they are proud to be selected time and again for demanding, one-of-a-kind applications such as the preservation of the frescos in the Sistine Chapel and, most recently, the preservation of the Inca maiden discovered in Peru.  No matter how demanding the application, HVAC system designers need look no further than Carrier — for the equipment, the controls and the communicating network that seamlessly integrates them brings them together into one “intelligent” system.

While Carrier control systems have been selected for some very prestigious locations, they also perform dependably for manufacturers, clinics, fast food outlets and schools in every region of the world.  That’s because in our array of control systems, there is a cost-effective solution for every type of building, from small, one- to two story structures to large multi-story buildings and complexes.

The Carrier systems approach combines the ultimate in control with the utmost simplicity.  Their leading-edge building automation systems offer several unique advantages, including:

  • All controls are communications-ready, eliminating the cost and complexity of the additional hardware required by other systems.
  • Only Carrier controls are pre-engineered with standard algorithms that can be commissioned with “fill-in-the-blanks” ease.
  • CCN’s user interfaces, ComfortWORKS® and ComfortVIEWTM are the only software that allows building managers to select and view all critical system information on a single PC screen.

Whether your control solution lies in a single piece of equipment or an entire system, your long-term satisfaction is assured with Carrier.  They will continue to set the standard for control system technology as we strive to create the most comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environments possible.


Phoenix Controls Corp - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

Founded in 1985, Phoenix Controls is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision airflow control systems, most notably variable air volume (VAV) controls for laboratory ventilation.  Their systems ensure the environmental integrity of critical spaces, including research laboratories, vivariums, pharmaceutical process areas, and biocontainment facilities by controlling pressurization, temperature, and humidity.

They offer innovative, technologically sound airflow and pressurization control solutions that combine unparalleled safety and performance with value and energy savings.

Only Phoenix Controls offers a unique approach to laboratory airflow control called Usage Based Controls (UBC) that modulates hood flows based on the presence or absence of a fume hood operator. UBC can be used in both two-state and variable air volume applications.

Usage Based Controls (UBC) from Phoenix Controls has been designed to significantly reduce the risk in downsizing the building’s mechanical equipment. UBC senses the actual presence at the fume hood of an operator, not just sash position alone.  Even though an operator may leave a sash fully open all day, the amount of time the hood is occupied is typically less than one hour.  Thus, the fume hood would operate in the standby mode of 60 fpm most of the day instead of 100 fpm, resulting in a 40% reduction in airflow.  Furthermore, if sashes are closed, up to 80% reduction in airflow is realized.

Phoenix Controls airflow controls systems have long been relied upon for fume hood containment and room pressurization in chemistry laboratories.  The same precise control and repeatability also makes the system ideal for:

  • Laboratory Animal Facilities
  • Biological Containment Laboratories
  • Hospital Isolation Suites
  • Cleanroom Applications



Alerton - Digital Building Controls - AAA Energy

Alerton is totally committed to helping you get the best performance from your buildings.  They are a pioneer and an industry leader in providing building management solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for all types and sizes of buildings.  They also help simplify building management by integrating fire, life safety, lighting, access management and other building systems.  You’ll find their proven solutions in thousands of buildings around the world.

They make buildings work. That means they work for you – reducing downtime, improving energy efficiency, and maximizing space utilization.  Alerton solutions are designed to perfectly match your unique needs – centralized management, interoperable systems, seamless integration with existing designs, simplified user interfaces – while increasing the value of your building.

Alerton understands it takes more than just products to make your buildings work.  You require customized solutions that meet your specific needs and draw out peak performance from your buildings.  That’s why Alerton offers total building solutions through the Envision for BACtalk™ system based on the BACnet standard.

Alerton has more than 20 years’ experience providing comprehensive, customized solutions that bring out a building’s top performance while keeping the people inside safe, comfortable, and productive.


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