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Lochinvar - Commercial Hot Water by AAA Energy

From modest beginnings, Lochinvar has evolved into a major manufacturer and innovator of new products and technologies for heating water – for both sanitary and space heating purposes! Lochinvar also continues the tradition of setting industry standards for heating water efficiently.

Lochinvar takes pride in its engineered products concept in pursuing the commercial/industrial, specialty water heating, hydronics and pool heater markets. This concept encourages a close working relationship with consulting engineers, architects and project designers in the interest of developing water heating or hydronic systems perfectly suited to specific project requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters , Lochinvar Corporation is not only dedicated to providing products that help protect the environment , but is also committed to encouraging green practices within the four walls of the company. Through eco-conscious manufacturing processes, recycling efforts and even lighting overhauls, Lochinvar and its employees have made “going green” a top priority.

Lochinvar’s product line includes many of the industry’s most advanced, energy-efficient models available.  In fact, starting in 1991, Lochinvar led the charge towards Low NOx operation by offering products that comply with emissions limits even before most states established NOx regulations. As the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain certification from an independent test laboratory stating that its products meet or exceed requirements, Lochinvar helped set the standard for equipment that promotes a cleaner, greener environment.



PVI - Commercial Hot Water by AAA Energy

PVI Industries began building commercial, institutional, and industrial water heaters in 1961.  From modest beginnings, they’ve become one of the leading suppliers of engineer-specified plumbing and heating equipment for new construction and building retrofits. There are now more than 100,000 PVI installations worldwide.

Originally, the PVI product line was a handful of simple gas water heaters. It has since grown to more than 1000 standard models and tens of thousands of possible custom models, utilizing any of the common energy sources (gas, oil, electric, steam, and hot water) or combinations of energies in storage tanks ranging from 50 to 4500 gallons.  Their production is 100% dedicated to the ASME commercial market with no residential manufacturing.

PVI equipment in the field is supported by factory-trained service professionals and a team of highly skilled customer service technicians in our home office.  AAA Energy Service Co. is proud to be the local factory-trained service professional.  PVI water heaters and boilers are also backed by the industry’s strongest warranty and service policy package. Our offerings include no-cost first year service policies, extended service policies, multi-year heat exchanger warranties, scale failure warranties, and 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year tank warranties.



BAXI - Commercial Hot Water by AAA Energy

Marathon International is the exclusive distributor of Baxi products in North America.  They can satisfy your search for a better way to meet your home and business heating needs while reducing fuel consumption.

Baxi wallhung boilers are environmentally friendly, generating measurable fuel consumption savings.  Wallhung heating and hot water technology has a long and successful track record in Europe.  Baxi, for instance, has been making wallhung boilers since the early 1970s.  Today, Baxi makes 4,000 wallhung products a day for export to 62 countries.

Heating Solution of Choice
Baxi heating products are a clear choice of leading builders, architects, engineers, designers and mechanical contractors.

Together with the manufacturer, Marathon International has secured approvals for Baxi products from the American Gas Association, Canadian Gas Association, Canadian Standards Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Energy Star.  Baxi’s global commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection is assured throughout North America.

Key to quality and environmental protection assurance is their commitment to ensuring that only qualified heating and plumbing contractors purchase and install Baxi products.  Marathon and its regional partners do not distribute via the internet, and do not sell to internet resellers.

They promote flawless installations of Baxi wallhung boilers, instantaneous water heaters and Baxi integrated solar heating systems through extensive contractor training initiatives.

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