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Choosing a Commercial WaterFurnace Comfort System Is Simply Smarter

Properly designing and installing a geothermal or water-source heat-pump system for a commercial, industrial or institutional facility requires state-of-the-art equipment and people who are experts in their fields.  WaterFurnace can provide this and more: design, check tests and start-up.  They also can provide expertise in the installation of earth loops.

They work with customers every step of the way to make sure they get the right system for the job, large or small. And they provide customer support to ensure the system works the way it was designed to.

Building owners around the world have learned that a WaterFurnace geothermal system is the smarter way to reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills at the same time.  WaterFurnace geothermal systems use the free, renewable energy found in your own back yard to save up to 70% on heating, cooling, and hot water costs.


AAA Energy Geothermal - ECONAR

ECONAR has been producing GeoSource geothermal heat pumps in Minnesota for a quarter of a century.  Minnesota’s cold winter climate has driven the design of ECONAR’s heating and cooling equipment to what is known as a “ColdClimate” geothermal heat pump. This cold climate technology maximizes the energy savings available in heating dominated regions without sacrificing comfort, thus making ECONAR the leader in cold climate heat pump technology. Extremely efficient cooling, dehumidification and optional domestic hot water heating are also provided in one neatly packaged system.

Residential and Commercial – Heating, Cooling and Hot Water
GeoSource Heat Pumps can be used in residential or commercial applications. Common geothermal applications include: homes, churches, banks, schools, car washes, fish farms, ice rinks, swimming pools, restaurants, and anywhere heating, cooling and hot water is required.


AAA Energy Geothermal - ClimateMaster

Innovation, Concept, Needs
Great products are born from necessity.  Whether it is a need to reduce sound, fit in a smaller space, make easier to service, achieve better efficiencies, or due to changing technologies, or new government regulations, ClimateMaster leads the industry in advancing the form, fit and function of Water-Source and geothermal heat pumps.  Our Design Team continually strives for even the slightest improvement to our products.  It is this continual drive for excellence that sets ClimateMaster apart from all other manufacturers.

From concept to product, ClimateMaster’s Integrated Product Development Team brings a fusion of knowledge and creativity that is unmatched in the industry today.  Drawing from every aspect of our business: Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing, our Development Team has created some of the most advanced, efficient, and versatile products available.

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