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HB Smith

Smith Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

HB Smith Cast Iron Boilers are known throughout North America for their rugged reliability, operating efficiencies and longevity.  Their products range from small residential boilers to the largest cast iron commercial boilers available in North America.  Typical applications range from homes and apartments up to very large institutional buildings such as schools, universities and government buildings.

Smith cast iron boilers are the boiler of choice in institutions such as schools, universities, post offices, military bases, government buildings as well as churches, apartment buildings where reliability, operating efficiency and longevity are essential.

Smith commercial boilers are available “factory packaged” ready for start-up or “knocked down” for field assembly. When shipped “knocked down”, all the cast iron sections and boiler components fit through a standard doorway making it ideal for renovation and retrofit applications.

Smith offers the widest range of commercial cast iron boilers in North America.  Boilers are available for hot water and steam heating systems fired with oil, gas or both throughout their entire product range.

Weil McLain

Weil-McLain Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Weil-McLain, America’s leading cast iron boiler manufacturer, combines hydronic heating expertise with the responsiveness from their service and support operations.  Their ongoing success is a testament to their commitment to providing nothing less than the best.

From the time the company was founded in 1881, Weil-McLain has been the leader in comfort heating.  Building on a proud tradition of quality and innovation, their mission remains simple:  To design and build the best comfort heating products on the market.  To make them first.  And to make them last…for decades.

Since its unveiling in 2001, the Ultra condensing boiler has set the industry standard for innovation, design, ease of installation, reliability and efficiency.  Now, Weil-Mclain is taking the industry standard to a new level with the introduction of the Ultra Series 3.  The Ultra Series 3 delivers peace of mind, unmatched comfort, and immediate payback in energy savings.


Buderus Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy


Buderus is a distributor of hot water heating equipment for residential and commercial applications.  In North America, the company’s main product lines include: hot water boilers, domestic hot water storage tanks, climate and energy controls, panel radiators, and other hot water heating accessories.

The company’s history dates back nearly 275 years, making Buderus a leader when it comes to manufacturing products that are energy efficient, user friendly, and environmentally sound.  Buderus heating systems provide more consistent, more comfortable heat using far less fuel than conventional high-temperature systems.

Although Buderus heating systems offer a choice of heating methods, they provide maximum comfort and efficiency when used with Buderus

panel radiators

Once you have a Buderus boiler, you can add an indirect-fired hot water heater, an optional Logamatic control, or both.  Snow/ice melting is another option offered by Buderus.

Watts Radiant

WattsRadiant Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Radiant Heat is their passion.

Watts Radiant is the largest American owned radiant floor heating company in North America and the only company with strong product lines in both hydronic heating and electric radiant heat technology. From giant athletic fields to tiny bathrooms, Watts Radiant has more options for radiant floor heating than anyone.

They are a manufacturer of radiant heat components and a supplier of materials from Watts companies around the world.  They have degreed engineers on staff and they write and publish their own design software, known as Radiant Works™.  Watts’ manufacturing expertise includes PEX pipe, temperature gauges, controls, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, mixing valves, backflow preventors, flowmeters, balancing valves, electric floor warming mats and manifolds of stainless steel, brass and copper.

They supply components for snow melt systems, turf warming, rootzone heating, permafrost protection, domestic water systems and hydronic or electric radiant heat technologies.  If you’d like, we can package most of your radiant floor heating components on an engineered mechanical panel known as a HydroControl.

Our job is to make you comfortable and save you money.  Watts Radiant is the coolest and most creative company in the radiant business, so call anytime you need help with your next radiant heat project.


VIESSMANN Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

The Viessmann Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating and renewable energy systems. Family-owned since 1917, Dr. Martin Viessmann leads the company in its third generation.  Viessmann has pioneered technologies that have continuously set standards and made the company into a technological innovator and pacesetter of the entire industry.

With their current comprehensive product line, Viessmann is offering high-tech, state-of-the-art heating products. Wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boilers, floor-standing oil- or gas-fired hot water heating boilers, solar thermal systems, control technology and DHW storage tanks – all designed to achieve superior performance, reliability and energy savings.

Accountability for the environment and society, fairness when dealing with business partners as well as the pursuit of perfection and maximum efficiency in all business transactions are key values for Viessmann – as a company, and as individuals. This, together with the products and services they offer, allows us to offer our customers the benefit and added value of a strong brand.


Munchkin Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

The Munchkin Boiler is one of the most compact and efficient boilers available on the market today. Each Munchkin Boiler will modulate its firing rate to match the energy needs of the space.  This feature provides additional savings versus traditional single firing heaters.  With stainless steel construction, you can be assured that you are buying the highest quality appliance.  Proven European technology, manufactured in the United States.  A quiet operational appliance is just another benefit that comes with the Munchkin boiler.

Uponor (formerly Wirsbo)

uponor Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy


Creating a comfortable, energy efficient environment in commercial structures is a critical design and construction consideration. Comfortable employees are more productive and comfortable customers are more relaxed, contributing to the success of a business.

Installing an Uponor radiant heating system is fast becoming the global standard for creating comfortable indoor environments. Radiant heating takes advantage of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors for heating a commercial structure. In a radiant heating system, energy moves away from the heated surface, surrounding people with warmth.

Because radiant heating systems do not use fans or blowers, they are much quieter than forced-air systems. Also radiant heating systems ensure indoor air quality by minimizing the potential for bacteria and mold and prevent dust and allergens from circulating through the air.

A Solution for Every Application
Uponor radiant systems offer unique advantages, including the ability to work with existing HVAC systems to conserve energy during peak operating hours. Radiant systems offer the ability to accurately control and vary temperatures in individual rooms, areas or zones throughout a structure, further saving on energy costs. And no matter which installation method is used, radiant systems save floor space by eliminating the need to install mechanical equipment in the conditioned area.

Key Benefits

  • Can help your building earn LEED™ points for reduced energy consumption
  • Energy savings can range from 20-40% over traditional systems
  • Installs in both ground floors and upper levels of commercial structures
  • Works with concrete or wood floors and all types of floor coverings
  • Eliminates the need for ductwork, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Concealed installation is ideal for public areas where hot or sharp, exposed surfaces could be dangerous



REZNOR Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Reznor® HVAC Equipment is recognized as a world-wide leader in heating, air conditioning, ventilating, and makeup air. The products are available around the globe with a half dozen manufacturing plants throughout North America and Europe.

Reznor was founded in 1888 to manufacture the “Reznor” reflector heater, which used a luminous flame gas burner developed by George Reznor.  This technological breakthrough was an immediate success and hastened the expansion of gas heating in residential and commercial applications.

Technological development and innovation have been the hallmark of Reznor products through the years.  The development of the forced air gas unit heater, the modular Thermocore® heat exchanger, and the high-efficiency, sealed-draft Venturion® unit heater have kept Reznor products at the forefront of technological advances in commercial and industrial gas heating.

As a result of this pioneering role in the heating, makeup air, and ventilating equipment field, the products offered today are the most advanced in engineering design to satisfy a wide variety of applications.  Reznor Products include a complete line of heating, makeup air and ventilating systems, using gas, oil, hot water/steam, or electric heat sources.


rbi Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Your Number One Source for Domestic Hot Water or Hydronic Space Heating Application
RBI offers the most complete line of finned copper tube boilers and water heaters available today.  Models are available to fit any commercial application, from atmospheric to fan-assisted sealed combustion in a wide 100,000 to 4,000,000 BTU capacity range.

Quality Manufacturing
RBI’s commercial water heaters are the only units on the market that come standard with bronze headers across the entire product line. Greater installation flexibility is provided by left or right gas connections and left and right water connections.  They do not use cast iron headers with glass or epoxy lining on any of their water heaters to eliminate worry about rusty or contaminated domestic water caused by lining failures in cast iron headers. Their “higher standards” in design do not translate to “higher costs” for their customers.  RBI high quality water heaters are among the most competitively priced units on the market.


STERLING Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Sterling has been an innovator in the HVAC industry since 1946 when they began producing finned-tube radiation in a rented garage in Westfield, Massachusetts.  Today their modern 325,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA now has the efficiency to produce both standard and custom product while providing short lead times. The independent representatives that work in partnership with Sterling are some of the best in their field and are strongly supported by a knowledgeable Sterling Technical Support staff.

Sterling HVAC equipment, A Mestek Company, is proudly “Made in the USA”.  Sterling has been a major producer of CSA certified Gas Fired and Hydronic Unit Heaters for over 40 years.  High and Low Intensity Infrared, Rooftop Duct Furnaces, Evaporative Cooling Units, Packaged HVAC Rooftop and Indoor Make-Up Air Units, and a full line of Industrial Products enhance Sterling’s complete line of HVAC equipment.


Burnham Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

The Burnham Commercial offers a full range of cast iron, firetube, watertube, and copper tube boilers as well as boiler room accessories for the commercial and industrial markets.  Typical uses of these products are for heating large buildings and high-pressure steam generation for process applications.

Burnham’s commitment to product development and new market expansion propels the company’s industry leadership.  Innovative vision and dedication to engineering excellence produces highly efficient, environmentally safe, state-of-the-art products.  The Burnham group provides high value, high quality products backed by superior service.

Power Flame

PowerFlame Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Power Flame’s versatile line of commercial, industrial burners is suited for a variety of applications.  Capacity and fuel are important in finding the burner that is best suited for your application.  Power Flame manufactures gas, oil, combination gas and oil, low NOx burners and combustion control systems for commercial, industrial and process applications.

They are dedicated to providing you the best products and service through research, production and experience. Much of Power Flame’s success is due to a commitment to research.  Their engineering staff seeks new answers and tries new approaches to answer today’s energy questions.  The latest findings are promptly incorporated into the current production, constantly maintaining a state-of-the-art product line.

The reliable, economical and highly efficient burners produced by Power Flame are as remarkable in their differences as they are in their similarities. Yet the wide range of Power Flame options can custom tailor every unit to meet local or national codes and contract specifications.

Power Flame has built its reputation on the ability to get things done.  The production department is trained in all phases of the manufacturing process.  Their management team supplies them with quality materials, in time to meet their customers’ schedules.  And when a customer needs a special solution, their customer service department has the expertise to provide it.


Beckett Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

What started in the basement of a small home at 312 Ohio Street, Elyria, Ohio has now become America’s premier manufacturer of oil and gas burners for residential and commercial markets.

Founded in 1937 by Reginald W. Beckett, the torch was passed to son, John Beckett, in 1965 and then to grandson, Kevin Beckett, current president, in 2003. Three generations of excellence, innovation and quality.

When you buy a Beckett product, you benefit from more than 60 years of experience in the oil heating industry.  Beckett quality and endurance have been tested all around the world – from exotic locations to right around the corner!


RIELLO - Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Global Experience, North American Know-How
A world leader in combustion technology since 1920, Riello designs and builds oil, gas, dual-fuel and low NOx burners that deliver unbeatable performance and reliability across the full range of residential and commercial heating applications, as well as in the most demanding industrial processes.

Riello Burners offers combustion solutions from 38 thousand to more than 70 million Btu/hr, tailored to the requirements and standards of the North American market and quality engineered for the highest fuel and power efficiency along with low emissions.

With applications engineering assembly, testing and warehousing facilities in Toronto, Canada and Boston, Massachusetts – and a comprehensive distribution, sales and product support network from coast to coast – they offer a steadfast North American commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bring us your challenge.  With Riello Burners, their willingness to develop innovative solutions for new applications is unsurpassed in the burner industry, and our dedication to your success is second to none.

Cleaver Brooks

Cleaver Brooks - Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

Cleaver-Brooks are world-renowned as a provider of boiler room products and systems that outperform and outlast the competition.  In an age of rising fuel costs and ever-increasing emissions regulations, you can get any old boiler or burner, from any old company.  Or, you can choose something more. You can select a powerful, efficient product from an innovative leader.  In other words, you can choose Cleaver-Brooks.

C-B Package Boilers is the only company that produces a line of fully integrated, high-performance boiler systems, in sizes ranging from 10 horsepower to over 500,000 pounds of steam per hour.  Their boilers meet a variety of challenging heating and processing needs around the world.

Today, they continue to follow through on their commitment to customers by building integrated systems that produce lower emissions and work more efficiently than ever before.


Patterson-Kelley - Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

America’s most trusted source for rugged, dependable, reliable commercial heating equipment.  Patterson-Kelley’s history dates back to 1880.  Their first patent, issued in 1892 and later signed by Thomas Edison, was for the U-tube feedwater heater, the predecessor of today’s standard U-tube heat exchangers.

PK has evolved over the years, continually adapting and changing to lead the marketplace.  PK is still innovating and continually bringing new products to market.  Their lines of rugged, dependable, uncomplicated semi-instantaneous and gas-fired water heaters can handle just about any building’s requirements either singly or in multiple unit installations.

PK product line focuses on small heaters that produce high hot water output at a closely controlled temperature, making them ideal heaters for any building owner.  Their design utilizes PK’s own Anticipator® control to regulate hot water outlet temperature, even with sudden fluctuating draws.  With their exceptional, double bolted tube sheet construction, their Compact® semi-instantaneous water heaters let you inspect and service their bundles in place.  This leads to quicker maintenance and shorter system outages, giving you the reliability you want and deserve.

Now, and in the future, PK continues to be the company you trust for sound engineering, product innovation, craftsmanship and customer service.  They stand behind their products and offer the strongest warranties in the industry, fast delivery and factory authorized start-up service.


Space-Ray - Commercial Heating Boilers from AAA Energy

At Space-Ray, commercial/industrial comfort is a challenge they take seriously.  They have been manufacturing gas-fired infrared heating systems since 1958.  The quality and performance of their heaters are based on over 50 years of field experience and exposure to industrial heating problems.  Their reputation is built upon a solid track record for providing highly efficient radiant, easy to install and high quality infrared heating equipment.

When you select Space-Ray, you are investing in an uncompromised commitment to product performance and reliability.  They take pride in our entire family of infrared heaters and our commitment to quality standards in the design, manufacture and performance of Space-Ray heaters — heaters with low maintenance at a competitive price, and a proven record for long life. In fact, some heaters are still providing trouble-free operation after 30 years of service.

Their lines of infrared gas heaters can save 30 to 70% in annual fuel costs when compared to forced air heating systems. Infrared radiant gas heating is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional forced air heating.

Every year, more and more consulting engineers, plant engineers and contractors are specifying infrared heating as a cost-efficient alternative to forced air heating systems. The bottom line has been, and remains, energy cost savings.

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