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Dectron - AAA Energy Indoor Pools Heating & Ventilation

Dectron pioneered the indoor pool dehumidification market by trying to resolve a problem found in all buildings with Indoor Pools: Structural Damage due to Humidity.  In this pursuit, the Engineers at Dectron designed and manufactured the very first DRY-O-TRON®, a mechanical dehumidification system to control humidity and at the same time use the same energy byproducts to increase comfort by controlling both pool and air temperature within the enclosure.

Today Dectron is an integral part of Dectron International; a group of companies with a unique ability to combine Engineered Air Quality technologies to provide customized solutions to control temperature, Humidity and Wide Spectrum Pollutants.  For the engineers, architects, general contractors and consumers alike this means a guarantee of quality in design and fabrication of solutions to meet the most stringent requirements for safe and comfortable indoor air.

Dectron International designer indoor air® is the only multi-disciplinary approach for ensuring single source responsibility for meeting or exceeding the standards and guidelines set by ASHRAE for humidity, ventilation, purification and comfort.

According to recent research, several key factors have been directly linked to clean and beneficial indoor air, including relative humidity, particulate contaminants, gaseous pollutants and air temperature.  Government agencies state that up to 25 million people working in nearly one million commercial buildings in the United States alone have developed respiratory symptoms due to poor indoor air quality That translates into a 3% loss in business productivity annually, or approximately sixty billion dollars.

Dectron’s strategic drive and corporate commitment is clear.  They will continue to design and manufacture indoor air treatment solutions to maximize health, productivity, comfort and overall quality of life.



PoolPAK - AAA Energy Indoor Pools Heating & Ventilation

PoolPak is the most recognized name when it comes to indoor pool comfort.  PoolPak has the proven approach to protect your investment, whether it is a pool facility, artifact storage room or critical room environment.  PoolPak equipment is the choice of architects and design engineers because of its rugged construction, dependable operation and superior performance.

Large indoor pool facilities are unlike any other structure in design, construction and maintenance requirements. Air and water temperatures along with humidity are especially difficult to balance.  Improper control usually results in an uncomfortable environment and structural damage due to the corrosive environment.  PoolPaks are the first environmental control package designed to meet all special needs of the indoor pool environment, while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

PoolPak is the preferred natatorium dehumidifier in the world’s most elite athletic, recreational and fitness centers because it provides superior performance and dependability. PoolPak is continually selected as the dehumidification unit of choice in Athletic Business; a business magazine for athletic, fitness and recreational professionals that annually selects the best recreation center designs from across the country.

Colleges, YMCAs, municipalities and high schools recognize PoolPak as the best choice because of its affordable first-cost and low lifetime cost of ownership. No other pool dehumidification system offers similar quality and performance. PoolPaks are built to withstand the harsh environment of an indoor pool, dramatically reducing energy costs by recovering and returning heat to the indoor pool environment.  They effectively control the formation of condensation on interior walls and cold surfaces through use of an advanced control system.

Your guests can now experience year-round swimming enjoyment with perfect water and air temperature on the hottest or coldest days Turn your pool area into a tropical paradise that can be used for entertainment or relaxation, even with guests fully clothed, without the discomfort of high humidity.  PoolPak International’s PoolComPak environmental control system removes excessive moisture from the pool facility while controlling the air and water temperature for the perfect balance.

Desert Aire

Desert Aire - AAA Energy Indoor Pools Heating & Ventilation

Desert Aire packaged dehumidification systems supplemented by a wide variety of options provide effective, efficient solutions to moisture problems.  They can meet your individual needs by customizing standard products or constructing full custom units.

Desert Aire dehumidifiers use components carefully chosen for reliability, sized for maximum moisture removal capacity and combined in logically arranged systems.  Each design reflects their concern for maximizing dehumidifier energy efficiency by using the latest in proven technology.

Their skilled manufacturing personnel translate excellent designs into high quality products with superior fit and finish.  Each unit is tested to their demanding specifications before shipment.

Desert Aire’s knowledgeable service personnel ensure excellent start-up and service support.  They back their dehumidifiers, remote condensers and controls with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Desert Aire’s experienced representatives and factory dehumidifier experts comprise an outstanding resource for the HVAC system designer, providing a host of services:

  • Application review and recommendation
  • PC-based dehumidifier sizing
  • Mechanical and controls integration support
  • Application Notes
  • PC-based moisture load analysis
  • Technical Bulletins


Desert Aire’s extensive application experience is the foundation for their standard product designs which can be tailored to your specific applications.  Each of their product lines has a full range of appropriate sizes, features and options.

Environmental Pool Systems

DRY-AIR Environmental Pool Systems - AAA Energy Indoor Pools Heating & Ventilation

Environmental Pool Systems, Inc. (EPS, Inc.) provides humidity control equipment for all types of natatorium, water parks, aquatic facilities, residential, hotel, retirement, health clubs, and more.  They are the first company to combine aesthetics, functionality, and a true energy efficient, sustainable design in their “GREEN MACHINE”, with a “back to basics” approach to installation and service of their DRY-AIR dehumidification product line.  Their second line of humidity control products is the new VERI-DRY, for building dehumidification.

What makes them different?
Their “Hands On” expertise and customer service is #1!
Originally, they manufactured and sold product through dealers & distributors.  It became apparent that the rampant litigation in the industry with expensive reclaim dehumidifiers was due to a host of factors: undersized equipment, not enough air turnovers, the building design, and the HVAC design & systems application.  In 1990, they changed their business model by adding a Consulting/Engineering Division with all engineering for the system handled in-house and providing a thoroughly trained sales support team for all mechanical, engineering, architectural firms, rep firms and distributors.

Why their business model works.
They offer single-source solutions and accountability!  Based on the building information, a preliminary system package/proposal is assembled.  The project is sent to the Engineering Division for review and proper equipment selection, and then back to Sales for final proposal documentation for the client.

What they do.
Their manufacturing division builds a large and diverse line of high-efficiency, stainless steel and non-stainless steel heat recovery packaged dehumidification systems from 1.5 to 60 tons.  Their consulting/engineering division specializes in high humidity envelopes, primarily indoor swimming pools and natatoriums.  This division provides all of the building design guideline and preventive measures for the application.

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