Industrial Water Pumping

Industrial Water Pumping

Industrial Water Pumping from AAA Energy Service Co. Featuring Taco, Bell & Gossett, Armstrong


Industrial Water Pumping from AAA Energy Service Co. Featuring Taco

Taco Water Circulation products include circulators, pumps and accessories typically used for the circulation of water for heat transfer in a wide range of residential and light commercial applications.  Taco water circulation products are available in a variety of materials including bronze, cast iron and stainless steel in capacities ranging from 3 GPM to more than 5000 GPM.

Taco Pumps are designed and built to efficiently circulate heated or chilled water.  In applications ranging from residential to large commercial systems, they’re used for heating, hydronic, air conditioning and solar systems, and in a variety of specialized applications

All Taco pumps feature quality design, materials and construction throughout to provide you and your customers with dependable performance and long service life.  And they are backed by more than eight decades of Taco experience worldwide.

Bell & Gossett

Industrial Water Pumping from AAA Energy Service Co. Featuring Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett serves the HVAC, plumbing and wastewater industries with world-class fluid handling products.

B&G is a name you see in all types of applications from large commercial HVAC applications with pumps, valves and heat exchangers, to residential hot water heating system with small circulators and zone valves, to wastewater pumping applications with sump, effluent, sewage and grinder pumps.

Bell & Gossett’s complete line of in-line and base-mounted centrifugal pumps can handle virtually any HVAC requirement.  The pumps are engineered for exceptional performance and rugged durability.  They are designed for easy maintenance and to be highly efficient. The pumps provide reliable operation in a variety of applications, including hydronic heating and cooling systems, industrial, refrigeration, cooling towers and irrigation.  All B&G pumps are manufactured at an ISO 9001-approved facility.  The Bell & Gossett name has always stood for uncompromising quality and dependability.  That’s evident in the way every one of their centrifugal pumps is built and backed by their outstanding customer service and support teams.  Their award-winning ESP-PLUS ® equipment selection program helps you choose the right equipment and design fluid handling systems accurately and effectively.


Industrial Water Pumping from AAA Energy Service Co. Featuring Armstrong

At Armstrong, they take pride in a family tradition of fluid flow innovation, superb workmanship, and acknowledged product reliability.

Since their founding in 1934, their company has pioneered an uncompromising range of products for residential, commercial and industrial markets.  From the very beginning, the Armstrong name has been a benchmark for quality in design, engineering, and manufacturing.  Today, as they market their products throughout the world, their original commitment to production of the highest quality is unchanged.  They will not compromise this expectation of them, and they will never allow an inferior product to carry the Armstrong name.  For them, identifying market needs, offering superior technology, and keeping their customers satisfied, are all part of the Armstrong family tradition.

Drawing on decades of experience, their design teams are dedicated to a leading-edge development.  Armstrong’s history of new product introductions is evidence of their commitment to innovation, and a constant focus on meeting and surpassing the needs of their customers.
Their products are internationally recognized for design efficiency, long service life and operating economy.  Their applications include residential, commercial and industrial installations in some of the world’s premier facilities.  Their goal is to provide leadership to the industry, practical solutions to customer problems, and superior alternatives to conventional thinking.

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