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Solar Wall

SolarWall - AAA Energy of Maine & NH

Solar air heating has one of the best ROI and payback periods of all the renewable technologies, so installing a SolarWall system (thermal alone or PV/thermal) can be an easy and affordable way to enhance the triple bottom line:

  1. Improved ventilation and even inside temperatures help with productivity,
  2. Free solar heat reduces operating expenses and some manufacturing costs, and
  3. Being a “green building” can add to the real estate cachet.


Two added bonuses:

  1. SolarWall technologies can provide up to 6 LEED points.
  2. Government grants and other financial incentives are available in the U.S. to help offset costs associated with “going green”.


A SolarWall solar air heating system comprises two key parts. 1. Perforated aluminum or steel cladding, installed on an exterior wall or walls (usually the sun-rich south-facing wall). 2. Simple ventilation fans. And that’s that!

Installed about 8 inches (20 centimeters) away from the inner wall, the sun-absorbing all-metal cladding creates a small space between the facade and the building. Outside air is drawn in through tiny holes by ventilation fans located at the top of the wall.  Warmed by the solar panels, the trapped air rises to a plenum (duct) at the top of the wall; from there it is routed to the nearest dedicated ventilation fan – or into the building’s HVAC system. At the same time, the SolarWall cladding prevents loss of heat through the building’s walls (especially at night) – further boosting energy savings. Moreover, the system is virtually maintenance free (it uses no liquids: fans are its only moving parts).

“Though virtue is its own reward, impressive paybacks win the Board!”
A product that, a) uses the sun’s rays to reduce heating energy needs, b) refreshes the air breathed by those inside, c) at negligible operating costs, might well be deemed worthy of purchase for world citizenship reasons alone.  However, in a less-than-perfect world, a significant new expenditure is more likely to win boardroom applause by bettering the bottom line.  Which SolarWall does – routinely.  Specifically, its industry-leading efficiency rate of up to 75% normally results in financial paybacks that range from immediate to six years. Considering that SolarWall systems reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on costly imported energy (in many cases, creating local jobs) installing a SolarWall system makes sense all around the Boardroom table – from the down-to-earth “show me the return on investment” to more visionary members.

Baxi Solar

BAXI Solar - AAA Energy of Maine & NH

Faced with rising energy prices, depleting fossil fuels and growing conservation initiatives, the world needs alternative energy sources like Baxi solar water heating systems.

Baxi solar collectors can be used to provide DHW, supplement pool heating or low temperature space heating via heat exchangers

Solar energy is clean, free and abundant.  It is the clear choice for environmental and energy minded people.  Solar heating becomes even more compelling when you consider rising energy prices, depleting fossil fuels and growing conservation initiatives.  Baxi’s commitment to finding alternative energy sources has fueled its development of an integrated solar heating system.  The Baxi heating system may include Baxi Luna wall-hung boilers to ensure optimum performance and sustainable comfort.  Solar energy is the clear choice for building a better future.

Maximum Use of the Sun’s Energy
The Baxi integrated solar heating system maximizes the sun’s energy by using high-performance selective, prismatic collectors. The Baxi solar collectors are the right solution for any application – they can be used to provide domestic hot water, or supplement pool heating systems and low temperature space heating via heat exchangers. A solar water heating system that maximizes the sun’s energy typically provides up to 65% of the annual domestic hot water heating energy requirements for a single family home, depending upon geographic location.

Apricus Solar

Apricus Solar - AAA Energy of Maine & NH

Apricus is a global company focused on providing simple and effective solutions for families and businesses concerned about the effects of climate change and rising energy costs.

Apricus solar thermal systems are widely used in both residential and commercial applications to provide hot water, space heating, industrial hot water and even air-conditioning.  Installing just one Apricus solar thermal collector can reduce CO2 levels as much as planting more than 200 trees.  It is the perfect choice for people wanting to become part of the SOLUTION by reducing their carbon footprint.

Products are designed and manufactured to meet international product quality and engineering standards, and have a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation and use.

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