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Commercial Humidifiers

Dri Steem

DRISTEEM - Commercial Humidification by AAA Energy Service

Create healthy environments
Studies show that when room RH drops below 40 percent, incidents of respiratory illness increase. Proper humidification can significantly reduce student and employee absenteeism.

Improve production processes
Controlling a building’s RH significantly improves production processes.  RH affects the moisture content of hygroscopic materials, such as wood, textiles, paper, leather, fibers, and foods. Such materials either absorb or release moisture until an equilibrium moisture content is reached, which may affect many of the properties critical for production.

Preserve materials and artifacts
Fluctuating RH causes material to repeatedly absorb and release moisture. These changes may impact a material’s weight, strength, and appearance, which may damage the material and shorten its longevity.

Dri Steem designs and manufactures humidification systems to meet your unique humidification requirements.
They have earned their reputation as the humidification experts by supporting customers’ unique commercial, health care, industrial, and process-critical applications for over 40 years.


Nortec - Commercial Humidification by AAA Energy Service

Walter Meier Climate Inc. is the leading manufacturer of commercial humidification technology.  Their Nortec products are sold and serviced throughout North America.  NORTEC is a world leader in state-of-the-art humidification technology.  Their focus is concentrated exclusively on designing and building better humidification systems.

Their MES Electrode Steam Humidifiers employ the most advanced technology yet devised to reliably maintain interior environments at critical humidity levels.  They provide the best of both worlds — top quality design and construction, with economy of installation and operation.

Every NORTEC MES model has been engineered to meet the highest standards of cost-effective, efficient performance. They are designed for ease of installation, adaptability, simplicity of operation, ease of maintenance and servicing, energy efficiency, cleanliness and long-term reliability.

Why Walter Meier?
Walter Meier specializes in the design and production of superior humidification systems. We create the most appropriate solutions to meet your specific needs in the most efficient and cost effective way.  Only with Walter Meier can you select a system operating with electrode steam, subsonic air nozzles, high pressure nozzles, steam injection, steam exchange, or gas-fired technology.

Why Humidity is Important
People spend 90% of their lives indoors, therefore the importance of correct temperature and humidity levels are critical to personal health and comfort.  Too much humidity can be as destructive as too little.
Manufacturing and industrial processes are also directly affected by the indoor environment.  Like people, machines work better in favorable surroundings.  All equipment and processes respond in various ways to temperature and humidity fluctuations.  For maximum performance, reliable temperature and humidity are essential.

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