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From AAA Energy Service Co.’s inception, we viewed HVAC engineering capability as essential to the Company’s long-range success. Today we have licensed professional engineers who are supported by designers and CAD professionals. Their role is to provide engineering services to the entire company at any stage of the construction, service or maintenance process.

Our in-house engineering team is responsible for engineering-design issues company-wide and communicating relevant technical information in areas such as codes, regulation, product advancements, technologies and applications to staff and customers alike.

AAA Energy Service Co.’s engineers develop very practical solutions to a project’s requirements. They are able to call upon design assistants, estimators, project managers and field personnel, to review their concepts; making sure field construction issues are carefully considered.

Environmental systems alone cannot provide adequate conditions if they are designed as “afterthoughts” to architectural design. To ensure the desired environmental conditions during all seasons, the building has to be designed from the early stages with the end goals in mind: comfort, safety, reliability, and economics. Architects and engineers should, as one team, be participating in the entire design, installation, and turn over with the building owner to deliver a fully operational building to the building’s occupants.

HVAC design has to compliment the architectural design and provide the desired heating, cooling, ventilation, and safety. It also has to assure economical and reliable operation to keep the operating cost at the minimum level.

When AAA Energy Service Co.’s engineering team is involved from the beginning, the design will be practical, cost effective, schedule-sensitive and easily constructed.

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