Bio Tech Building HVAC


Bio Tech Building HVAC by AAA Energy Service Co.

In a business that’s driven by FDA regulation, changing healthcare practices and sharp-edged competition, efficiency and agility are essential to survival. To maximize the market life of a patented drug, pharmaceutical companies must quickly move products from conception to market. AAA Energy Service Co. understands your world and we’re ready to help.

Sustainability considerations are requiring the pharmaceutical industry to challenge previously held paradigms relating to the design and operation of facilities, particularly regarding HVAC systems. Reducing energy usage and improving other green design features while continuing to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance requirements are high priorities within every company in the industry.

AAA Energy Service Co. offers a broad range of of biotech building HVAC and process control solutions developed to help you reduce energy usage, including both energy management programs and specific technical solutions. Our engineers will use their industry expertise to guide you in key areas such as building control, environmental monitoring, validation, and O&M practices.

Whether you’re embarking on an entirely new project or trying to improve the performance of an aging facility, start with AAA Energy Service Co. We incorporate the issues unique to your facility into our service delivery process. With us, you’ll gain the advantage of more than 60 years of leadership in building systems and building services. We can put our solutions to work for you – helping you cut costs, making your facility more comfortable, and improving your ability to manage and maintain building systems. AAA Energy Service Co. brings powerful advantages to your facility.

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