Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Loren Cook

AAA Energy Mechanical Ventilation Systems - COOK

During the last 60 years, Loren Cook Company, with over 700 employees, has become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and commercial fans and blowers in the world.  Their central philosophy is very simple: Strive for quality and everything else will follow.

Loren Cook Company is proud to be the world leader of industrial and commercial fans and blowers. With a commitment of over 60 years, Loren Cook Company believes in superior quality and phenomenal service. This was true in 1941 when we began and it’s still true today.

Cook customers can be assured our products are built to the highest quality levels in the industry.  They recognize that when you design a system and specify equipment, the quality and reliability of their products are critical to your reputation and future success.  Cook stands behind every product they build with the most comprehensive engineering program in the industry. You can count on Loren Cook Company to support you, from their acclaimed fan selection software and electronic catalogs to their friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff.


AAA Energy Mechanical Ventilation Systems - GREENHECK

Greenheck is known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of air-movement and control equipment.  Its flagship ventilation products are typically found behind walls, in ductwork or on the roofs of hospitals, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, industrial plants and other commercial buildings.  Their function, basically, is to move air in, out and around a building — making life inside a lot more pleasant.

Greenheck offers a complete line of centrifugal fans for both commercial HVAC and industrial applications.
For the commercial market Greenheck Centrifugal Fans are providing supply, exhaust and return air in hospitals, schools, stores and large office buildings.

Greenheck industrial duty fans handle applications like filtration systems, fume exhaust, fluid pressurization, combustion air, and material handling, as well as supply and exhaust. Many of these applications are in corrosive and abrasive high temperature or high pressure environments.

Greenheck offers a wide range of fan and ventilator products for commercial, institutional and industrial installations. Products are available for applications including exhaust, supply, recirculation, filtered supply, and gravity. Fans are available in direct drive, when low maintenance access is a concern, and belt drive, to allow for easy airflow adjustment and system balancing.
Greenheck has a wide range of products combined with a record of putting customer satisfaction first.

Strobic Air

AAA Energy Mechanical Ventilation Systems - Strobic Air

Strobic Air Corporation, a recognized technological leader in the air movement industry, specializes in technologically advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in university, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and other process industries. With three decades of experience in addressing the needs of laboratory researchers and facility owners, Strobic Air has continued to develop and enhance its Tri-Stack™ Roof Exhaust systems to provide even greater flows, lower energy costs and decreased noise levels.

Strobic Air Tri-Stack laboratory fume hood and process exhaust systems meet requirements of ANSI Z9.5 (2003), American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation. The award winning Tri-Stack systems are available for single exhaust or manifold systems on a common plenum up to 240,000 cfm. They offer maintenance free, continuous operation.  Unsightly tall stacks, with associated expensive mounting hardware and guy wires are eliminated.  And Tri-Stack reduces static pressure in the system by approximately 2″ w.g.

Strobic Air offers the free services of our Safety Design Response Team to customers and designers for review of new and retrofit designs. The team can frequently help reduce duct run costs, decrease system pressure drops, and provide a lower, aesthetically pleasing roof line.


 AAA Energy Mechanical Ventilation Systems - PENNBARRY

Any business that stays viable for more than 60 years must remain open to change.  Since 1928, PennBarry has evolved with the industry to provide full service ventilation products to commercial and light industrial customers worldwide. And, their vision for the future represents their next move in meeting your demands.

On the strength of a significant investment, their combined companies – Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air, Bayley Fans, and Supreme Fans – are now simply PennBarry, the single source solution for all your ventilation needs.
Building on best practices established at our predecessor companies over six decades, we are developing new products, exploring new technology, improving our manufacturing process, streamlining our distribution channels, and enhancing our competitive stance to ensure your satisfaction for decades to come.

And, as their vision emerges, expect a movement in the industry to follow. From office buildings, manufacturing plants, and schools, to hospitals, hotels, and other commercial and industrial applications, PennBarry is improving the way air movement equipment is manufactured and distributed today.

Based on tradition, propelled by innovation, we’re excited about our new name. The HVAC business has never been better. And, thanks to PennBarry, the improvements are moving your way.

When your restaurant, school, warehouse, hospital, or other commercial specifications call for quality and value in a ventilation solution, call about PennBarry.  Their full line of general ventilation products makes it easy for you to meet the specs – no matter how demanding the job may seem.  Ask AAA Energy Service Co. for assistance today.


AAA Energy Mechanical Ventilation Systems - ACME

Acme’s industrial blower line can claim to be the successors of the first fans made in the United States and Europe. Acme has become an industry leader in providing the customer with a wide range of selections for every possible ventilation requirement.

Founded in 1938, Acme Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation is known worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of fans, blowers, and ventilation equipment.  Acme’s growth over the past half century is a tribute to superior quality, customer loyalty, and dedicated employees and sales representatives.

Acme produces one of the broadest lines of air moving equipment in the industry.  State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a well trained, experienced workforce is the key to Acme’s timely delivery of quality air moving products.

The Acme Research and Development Center operates both air and sound laboratories.  The Center houses four wind tunnels with a data acquisition system, a reverberant sound room with the latest sound analyzer equipment, and a structural laboratory for stress and vibration analysis.  Solid modeling and finite element analysis support product research and development.

A highly trained production staff sets the standard for dependable, quality air moving products.  By using the latest computer techniques for research and design, and rigorous quality control standards Acme can offer one of the best warranty programs in the industry.  Their exclusive 2/5 year limited warranty provides our customers with confidence…Year After Year.


AAA Energy Mechanical Ventilation Systems - EXHAUSTO

EXHAUSTO was founded in 1957 in the town of Soro on the Danish island of Zealand.  The background was the unique idea to build a chimney fan for installation on top of the chimney to obtain ideal draft in open fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and boilers.

Today, 50 years after the company was founded, they have chosen to split up the company in two individual units:

EXHAUSTO A/S develops, manufactures, markets, and delivers ventilation units with heat recovery, roof fans, wall fans and box fans, control devices, cooker hoods, and a variety of other ventilation components for complete ventilation systems for the professional ventilation market.  Their ventilation systems are primarily used for comfort ventilation and create the perfect indoor air quality in houses, offices, schools, nurseries, restaurants, shops and production facilities.

EXHAUSTO CDT A/S develops, markets, and delivers chimney fans, control devices, and other components for controlled chimney draft for all types of firing units. (CDT stands for Chimney Draft Technology).

Personalized Ventilation
EXHAUSTO has created a completely new Ventilation solution – a unique type of ventilation that has never been seen before. Personalized Ventilation (PV) – the common-sense tool to lower the levels of absence due to sickness, increase personal well-being and job satisfaction Employees can personally adjust the amount of outdoor air flowing directly over their desks.  The financial results are very real and measurable.

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