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HVAC Services

HVAC is an essential part of any safe, comfortable, and efficient building. With AAA Energy, you’ll get the technical expertise and exceptional service we’ve provided to commercial and industrial businesses in Northern New England for more than 70 years.

Customized maintenance programs

Our preventive maintenance programs are customer-focused and designed specifically for your facility in order to protect and extend the life of HVAC/R capital investments. We schedule the unique service requirements for your facility based on manufacturers’ recommendations, equipment application, run time, age – and more than 70 years of experience in the field.

Certified service technicians

Our reliable, in-house staff of service technicians performs all HVAC maintenance and repair and are expertly trained on all major HVAC equipment, systems, and controls. Using leading-edge tools, including test, calibration, and balancing equipment, our technicians deliver high-quality solutions and consistent support.

24/7 emergency service

AAA Energy Service specializes in being your emergency response team. If something goes wrong with your HVAC-R systems, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Site surveys

As part of AAA’s standard practice, we perform site surveys to gain a thorough understanding of your operation and systems. Some of the surveys we conduct are a General Survey (including interviews with location employees and building construction and envelope), HVAC/R Systems Survey, Lighting Survey, and Controls Survey,

Indoor air quality testing

Insufficient quantities of fresh air in occupied buildings increase the level of carbon dioxide and other contaminants that can cause illness and greatly inhibit productivity. We conduct IAQ testing in order to measure the air quality in your facility, identify problems, and make recommendations for improvement.

Ductwork design and cleaning

Improperly designed or poorly maintained ductwork can lead to higher utility costs, inconsistent heating and cooling, and poor air quality. Proper ductwork design and cleaning means lower operating costs, increased tenant comfort, better air quality, and a more environmentally sustainable system.

COVID and airborne virus mitigation

The role of HVAC systems in the transmission of airborne viruses should be considered as a part of a broader multi-modal infection control strategy in buildings. We inspect HVAC systems to ensure that air flow rates, humidity controls, and filtration are operating correctly. We also recommend upgrading or replacing filters, if possible, as well as adding UV air purifiers.


HVAC systems dehumidify environments, which can prevent mold and other issues. Our team can identify, prevent, and manage factors that result from excessive moisture.

Water treatment

Selecting the right water treatment partner can ensure that your facility operates optimally. We can improve and control the operating budget for items such as electricity, gas, water, and sewage.

Equipment upgrades and leasing

If equipment or systems become ineffective or inefficient, it may be time for an upgrade. We offer a range of services, so you get the most from your existing HVAC equipment systems – the infrastructure that makes your building work. We can also help with financing, whether it’s a capital lease, an operating lease, or other custom solution.

Annual budgeting assistance

HVAC systems, especially in large facilities, can account for a significant part of the annual budget. We can help facility managers and building owners plan and track commercial HVAC costs, including new installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Every commercial facility has its own unique requirements, depending on the business, the physical building, and most importantly, the people who use it. Whether you’re embarking on a brand-new project or want to improve the performance of an aging facility, we can help you make your building more safe and comfortable, reduce costs, and improve your ability to manage and maintain building systems.

  • It’s convenient for us to have a single HVAC provider for all of Maine, New Hampshire, and Northern Mass. It is also a refreshing change to have a company that actually performs the preventive maintenance tasks we were sold. We look forward to a long relationship.

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