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Refrigeration Services

We provide design, installation, and maintenance services to industrial and commercial refrigeration users. Our service technicians are available for start-up of new equipment, preventive maintenance, scheduled mechanical integrity inspections, compressor and pump rebuilds, microprocessor controls, emergency shutdowns, and many other refrigeration services.

Ammonia systems

Every ammonia system is unique, and working with ammonia requires skill, experience, and current knowledge of all codes. We custom design, install, and maintain industrial refrigeration, specializing in customized ammonia refrigeration systems serving food, dairy, and seafood processing industries.

Blast freezers

Blast freezing and cooling, sometimes called blast chilling systems, is a method for refrigerating food products extremely quickly to keep it fresh and safe to eat. We design, install, and maintain blast freezers for a variety of industries, especially food, dairy, and seafood processing facilities.

Spiral freezers

Spiral freezers help to minimize a manufacturing plant’s energy-intensive refrigeration processes. We help facility managers enhance their operations by using spiral freezers to reduce the overall refrigeration footprint.


A lyophilizer removes water from perishable products to preserve it or extend its shelf life. We have extensive design and installation experience with lyophilizers up to 300 liters in capacity.

Process cooling

Process cooling requires an advanced expertise in refrigeration knowledge and the physics behind the technology. AAA Energy engineers and technicians have considerable experience in this area.

Hygenic air handling systems

Air handling in food manufacturing facilities are very specific, requiring an understanding of food safety and quality parameters for the air in the room. Our team has the relevant knowledge and expertise.

CO2 refrigeration

Our engineers and technicians have the know-how to install and maintain CO2 refrigeration systems, including awareness of current regulations and practical restrictions.

Commercial ice plants

We work with our packaged ice industry clients to choose the best refrigerant and system for their facility and manufacturing goals.

Refrigerated warehouse

Our engineers and designers work with you to design the best solution for efficient – and cost-effective – operations.

Walk-in coolers and freezers

Commercial walk-in coolers and freezers and refrigerators need to work consistently while also adjusting to constant temperature fluctuations. We work with clients to choose the best equipment to meet their business goals,

Ice rinks

The key to operating a successful ice rink or arena is having systems in place so that the facility is easy and inexpensive to run and maintain. We have the expertise and experience to create the ideal ice surface conditions, optimum air quality, and to meet all codes and requirements.

Refrigeration is just one piece of your facility’s unique puzzle. Our in-house experts offer solutions that are customized to your business needs and budget, always keeping your overall goals at the forefront.

  • It’s convenient for us to have a single HVAC provider for all of Maine, New Hampshire, and Northern Mass. It is also a refreshing change to have a company that actually performs the preventive maintenance tasks we were sold. We look forward to a long relationship.

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